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‘All about Kitchens & more!’ are masters in space planning. We create kitchen, bathroom, and other specialty designs tailored to each and every client. Any kitchen or bathroom can look good, but how it works for you is key. We incorporate barrier free and universal design elements to create functional, comfortable and beautiful modern spaces, so that all ages and abilities have better access to your space. This is the ultimate in planning for living out the rest of your days in your home and for resale! 

We also offer full access cabinetry and multiple storage solutions to our clients, rebating up to the full amount of design services off of the retail price.  Proving that 'you can have it all'...great design, great service, discounted cost!

The phrase ‘The devil is in the details’ is very true, or perhaps the better way to say it is ‘The design is in the details!’ We are persistent to get you to make decisions during the planning phase, to aid in controlling the length of the construction phase. The final plans are given to you to complete the project. We do have ‘favorite’ contractors that we are happy to refer to you. We are available for onsite visits during the construction phase for an hourly fee, and are available to answer any questions that may arise during your project.

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